Updated: May 10, 2020

Each practice package has its own reminders settings. In this article, we'll go over how to:

1. Go to the reminders settings of a practice package

2. Turn on/off reminders

3. Set your own schedule

4. Choose what details will appear in the reminder itself

Go to the reminders settings

Click on this button on the top package page, right above the daily commitments:

Turn on/off reminders

Click on the switch to turn on/off reminders

for this practice package.

  • You can also turn on/off reminders for all packages in the app's settings screen. You can reach this screen via the side menu.

Set your own schedule

In the reminders settings screen, you'll see the package reminders schedule. If you have 3 commitments a day - you'll see 3 different times in the schedule. Click on "Change" to set a specific time.