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Key Features

A marketplace of lifestyles

Find that helps you getting better at what matters for you and design your daily agenda

Daily practice

Set your own schedule & get notifications when it's time for your practice

Turn your practice insights into actions

A To-do list made from your practice insights

Publish your lifestyles

Create practice sets and publish them. You can create those in a private mode, and manage the access

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Daily practice

Select a package and practice it on daily basis.

Search packages

Access the packages marketplace

Dark mode

Feel comfortable when you fill your commitments

Practice while offline

Fill your commitments anywhere, anytime.


Fully customisable timer with various sounds and options.
Up to 1 preset


All free features +

Schedule & Reminders

Set a schedule & get notified


Daily summary and useful insights

Cloud backup

Backup your practice data

Biometric protection

Require biometric authentication to open the app
*on supported devices

To-do list

Make the most of your practice

Practice history

Access your practice history and manage your past commitments


Fully customisable timer with various sounds and options.
Unlimited presets

  • Free and Premium features might change without notice